Candle Alternatives


Can’t burn candles?  Don’t worry.  There are many wonderful, fragrant candle alternatives available to give your home wonderful fragrance without ever striking a match.

There are many reasons why you might not want to burn a candle (or can’t burn one).

~ safety concerns ~
~ health concerns ~
~ not allowed in dorms or apartments ~
~ who wants to burn candles in the summer! ~

Some alternatives to candles for you to try include:

Candle Warmers and Tart Burners

Candle warmers are like hot plates for container candles.  Tart burners are similar to candle warmers but use a small dish to melt tiny wax shapes (tarts).  As the wax melts, fragrance is released.

Although I love to make candles, when I want potent fragrance, I use a candle warmer.  And tart burners, though small, pack a powerful fragrance punch!

Check out these electric candle warmers. 

Fragrance diffusers or Air Freshener Reeds.  Liquid fragrance oil is drawn up specially made reeds and released into the air.

Fragrance diffusers started out as sticks in bottles (that’s how my boss refers to them).  But now you can get diffusers with wooden roses, fabric roses and other decorative accessories to make them lovely as well as fragrant.

Aroma Beads are tiny beads of fragrance that can be used in dozens of ways. Drop them in your vacuum cleaner bag, put them in a dish and set it in a sunny window.  Put your scented beads in a jar, or a sachet bag.  I like to use aroma beads in floral arrangements for an added bit of color and fragrance.

Candle Ornaments are tiny scented wax ornaments that you can hang in a sunny window or on your Christmas tree.

Where would you use these candle alternatives? little-reeds


School Rooms

Baby’s Room or Nursery

Dorm Rooms

Community Centers

Convalescent Homes

You can use them anywhere you would use a regular candle when you’re in the mood for fragrance but it isn’t convenient to light your candle.
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