Aroma Beads

Aroma beads are another fragrant alternative to candles. These little beads can absorb a large quantity of fragrance oil.  They can also be colored with dye to match any decor.

Some crafters melt the beads into different shapes to use as air fresheners or window ornaments.  They even make nice, fragrant Christmas tree ornaments. I use them for air fresheners in my car.  The scent lasts for months.  The aroma really pops when the sun shines.  In case you’re wondering, I haven’t had one melt yet.

Other uses for these fragrant beads are limited only by your imagination. Suggestions. . .

~ room air fresheners ~
~ car air fresheners ~
~ drop a few in your vacuum cleaner bag to dispense fragrance as you clean ~
~ put them in sachet bags and place in drawers or closets ~
~ use to accent floral arrangements ~

There are many fragrance alternatives to candles, and aroma beads are just one.  Go to candle alternatives for more.

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