Candle Warmers and Tart Burners

I love electric candle warmers.  Even though I make candles, I don’t always want to burn them.  Warmers are a great alternative and the scent throw is wonderful.  An eight ounce jar candle will easily scent an entire room.

A candle warmer is like a hot plate for candles.  It should only be used with container/jar candles.  Please don’t put your pillar or free-standing candles on the warming plate because they’ll melt and create quite a mess.

As your jar candle sits on the hot plate, the wax melts and releases the fragrance.  Warmers don’t use much electricity and I sometimes leave mine on 24/7.   Most warmers have an on/off switch though, so you can turn it on whenever you like.  You can re-use the same jar candle over and over.

Warmers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and materials.  Most heat the candle jar from the bottom, but there are also some that look like lamps, that heat the wax from the top.

Tart burners are similar to warmers.  But instead of a container candle, you use small scented wax tarts or chips.  The tarts are placed in a tiny dish to melt.  The heat to melt the wax can be from a hot plate, a tea light candle or a small electric bulb.  Most tart burners can also be used with fragrance oils.  I like to use wax tarts though.

There are so many cute designs for tart burners, and you can find them just about anywhere.  If you want a great bargain and a nice selection, check out your local flea markets.

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