Reed Fragrance Diffusers

Reed diffusers are all the rage.  I love them too!  If you don’t like candles, or can’t burn them, fragrance diffusers are a wonderful alternative.

Diffusers are jars of fragrance oil with specially designed reeds that wick the fragrance up and out into the air.  If you look at a cross-section of the reed, it has tiny openings like honeycombs that help draw the fragrance up the reed.

My personal experience with diffusers is that some fragrances work better than others.  Almost all fragrance oils need a base to dilute them enough to travel up the reed.  But if you get the right fragrance, the diffuser can fill an apartment with lovely scent that will last for months.  If the fragrance starts to fade, simply flip the reeds (carefully).

If you want less fragrance, use fewer reeds.  More scent, use more reeds.  Interestingly enough, adding more fragrance doesn’t necessarily mean more scent in the room, because too much fragrance oil actually clogs the reeds and releases less fragrance.

Early fragrance diffusers were clear bottles with fragrance oil and reeds.  Now you can find colored fragrance oils.  And instead of plain reeds, you’ll see diffusers with gorgeous rose buds or blooming roses.  Clear bottles have given way to decorative ceramic containers shaped like sea creatures, snowmen, Santa Claus, and with patterns ranging from zebra stripes to faux marble.

Reed diffusers truly make the perfect gift because even people who don’t like candles will love the diffusers.

Fragrance diffusers can be rather pricey, so you might want to try making your own.  You can use any type of waterproof jar or vase.  Most candle supply companies or craft stores sell the reeds and fragrance oil plus base.  Or you can find fragrance oils pre-mixed with the right amount of oil and base.

Just make sure you buy a good quality reed that is designed to encourage the fragrance oil to flow.  Don’t skimp on that part and don’t try any old wooden stick.

One final word of caution – the fragrance oils can stain or damage furniture, so be careful not to spill.  Otherwise, plan to enjoy months of flameless, sootless fragrance.

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