Candles in Aromatherapy

Candle aromatherapy is the use of candles containing essential oils for therapeutic benefit.  I don’t believe that candles are the best method of aromatherapy, but they do have some benefit.  Here are some pointers if you want to try.

To get aromatherapy benefit, candles must contain essential oils.  Essential oils are made from plant and plant extracts. They contain the same benefits as the plant they are derived from.  If a candle is labeled as ‘aromatherapy’, but is made with fragrance oils, it might smell good but you won’t get true benefits of aromatherapy.  There could be some psychological benefit, however.

An inexpensive way to get started is to buy an unscented candle and your favorite essential oil.  Burn the candle until there’s a pool of melted wax.  Blow out the candle and place a few drops of essential oil in the melted wax.  Don’t light the candle because the flame burns away the essential oil, thus negating any positive benefits. Essentials oils are also flammable, and you don’t want to risk starting a fire.

Some essential oils and their benefit:

Invigorating, uplifting: bergamot, orange, lemon
Calming,Relaxation: lavender, chamomile
Stress Reduction:rosemary

These are just a few tips on how to incorporate the use of candles in aromatherapy.

If you’re purchasing a ready-made candle for aromatherapy, make sure it is scented with essential oils, and preferably made from one of the natural waxes.

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