Candle Decorating Ideas

How many ways are there to decorate with candles? How wild is your imagination? Here are a few candle decorating ideas and suggestions to get those juices flowing.

~ at your next dinner party, place floating candles in a punch bowl filled with colored water

~ set large floating candles adrift in your swimming pool at your outdoor barbecue (but be sure to put them out and remove them before jumping in)Candles and Flowers in Water

~ create centerpieces to match the occasion or season. Shop your local craft or floral store for seasonal foliage, leaves, picks. You can work wonders with marbles, colored balls, river rocks. 

Tealights and Rose Hips Floating in a Bowl~ lemon and other citrus scents give your home a fresh, clean smell

~ candles always come in handy for those ‘lights out’ emergencies

~ can’t cook? burn some apple pie or oatmeal cookie scented candles and folks will think you can

~ light a few bakery-scented candles to set a welcoming atmosphere when having guests over 

Candle Arrangement~ Create arrangements of candles in different sizes and shapes, with same or complimentary colors. Throw in some silk foliage. (Remember to remove the silk if you plan to light the candles).

~ Want to sooth yourself after a stressful day at work or with the kids? Fill the tub with bubbles, light a few votive candles, treat yourself to a glass of wine and create your own mini spa.

~ Need ideas for housewarming gifts – try a gift basket with candles, a bottle of wine and some cheese, maybe a napkin or two and some fancy paper plates and plastic tumblers.

~ Want an inexpensive, pretty gift for your bridal party? Try a gift set with a candle, rose-shaped soaps in a miniature basket decorated with flowers in your wedding colors.

~ A candle-warmer with an autumn scented candle makes a lovely gift for the teacher.vans gift basket

Let your imagination be your guide, and check back often for more creative candle decorating ideas and photos.

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