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Ahhhhh. . .fragrance.  That is what candles are all about.  Pick the right candle fragrance and you can create any mood that you desire.

Our sense of smell is strong, and candle scent can bring back treasured memories.  One customer told me that a particular fragrance reminded her of going to church when she was a little girl.  Scent can calm you, relax you, energize you or make you hungry.  Or . . . make you turn up your nose in disgust! I hope you’ve never had one of those.

When people tell me about ‘bad’ candles, they’re usually referring to poor fragrance.  Or more specifically, lack of fragrance.  Their main complaint is that they can’t smell their scented candle after they get it home.

Here are some suggestions on picking the right fragrance for your scented candle.  And to hopefully help you avoid getting one of those candles that smells good in the store, but has little or no fragrance after you get it home.

I have a small team of testers who try my new candle fragrances.  I ask them to rate the strength of the candle and the ‘throw’ rather than whether they like the fragrance.

On many occasion I’ve been disappointed to find out that the fragrance that smelled so terrific in the jar, didn’t smell at all once it was in the candle.  Since I don’t ever want a customer to have that experience, unless a fragrance passes the panel of testers, I won’t use it.

Read about how another company rates their candle fragrances.

To help get you thinking about all of your fragrance choices, here’s a brief description of various types of candle scents.

Fragrance of the month for May:


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