Floral Candle Fragrance

If you’re a flower lover, you’ll find lots to love in the floral candle fragrance category.  Not only will you find your favorite flower, the variety of combinations creates dozens of floral bouquets.

Most of the floral scents that I use are very true to the flower, with honeysuckle, lilac and rose being a few of my favorites.  Even though I’m not much of a flower person, these scents remind me of growing up out in the country where lilac and roses grew wild.

Some scents that are popular with my customers include: ~ lilac ~ honeysuckle ~ rose ~ lily of the valley ~ jasmine ~ gardenia.

Combinations like: ~ spring garden ~ country garden ~ floral bouquet are also popular.Flowers

You can can’t go wrong mixing floral scents.  If you can’t find the combination that you want in one candle, burn two or three different flowery scents and create your own floral bouquet.

As with the gourmet fragrances, look for a floral scent that is truly like the flower.

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