Gourmet Candle Fragrance

I group any fragrance that smells like food or beverage in the gourmet candle fragrance category.  There are so many mouth-watering scents that it’s impossible to name them all.  Our sense of smell is very strong, so be prepared to get hungry when you smell candles with these fragrances.Assorted Muffins on a Plate

Baking: ~ apple pie ~ gingerbread ~ pumpkin pie ~ custard

Fruit: ~ apple ~ strawberry ~ orange ~ lemon

Beverage: ~ tea ~ coffee ~ cider ~ wine ~ champagne

Spices: ~ clove ~ cinnamon ~ ginger

Dessert: ~ creme brulee ~ banana pudding ~ strawberry shortcake

Breakfast: ~ banana nut muffin ~ hot buttered pancakes

When buying gourmet scented candles, look for candles that actually smell like what the label says.  Sometimes you have to burn the candle to get the true scent though.  I tried a blueberry muffin fragrance that honestly smelled awful both in the bottle and in the candle.  But when I burned the candle, it really did smell like blueberry muffin.

It’s a real compliment to a candle-maker when someone says “Oh, my favorite – apple pie!” and it really is apple pie scent!

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