Unscented Candle

Why Have an Unscented Candle?

Isn’t “unscented candle” an oxymoron?

Have you ever been a store and seen an absolutely scrumptious-looking candle?  Perhaps one that looked like a chocolate cupcake with fluffy frosting and sprinkles.  You immediately grabbed it, took a big whiff, and . . . nothing! There’s no fragrance!  You probably put the candle down and walked away feeling slightly deprived.

Since fragrance is such an important part of candles, have you ever wondered why anyone would want an unscented candle?

Well, there are many reasons to have a candle sans scent!

Candles are so beautiful and smell so wonderful, it’s easy to forget that candles also serve a very functional purpose – to give light.

Candles are handy to have around in case of a power outage. While it would be nice to have a pleasant fragrance while you’re wandering around a darkened home, your main concern is seeing well enough to keep from bumping into furniture.

In addition there are many ceremonial uses for candles, and in some situations it might be inappropriate to use scented candles. Candlelight services at church are beautiful, but the use of scented candles could prove overwhelming in a crowded sanctuary.

Many people love to eat by candlelight, but they don’t want the scent from a candle to overpower the aroma of the food they’re enjoying. With an unscented candle they can still have a beautiful candle that will create a soft, inviting setting, without candle fragrance competing with the aroma of delicious food.

Think back to the yummy looking chocolate cupcake candle. Would you really burn it? I’ve seen some absolutely lovely carved candles, candles that I wouldn’t dream of burning because they’re simply too beautiful. There’s really no reason for purely decorative candles to have fragrance. It doesn’t hurt, but if those candles don’t have scent, it’s usually quite acceptable.

So if that candle looks good enough to eat, go ahead and buy it, so you can enjoy it every day, scent or not. Remember to consider why you like the candle in the first place. To scent, or not to scent, is an individual choice.

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