Candle Fragrance Oils

I think we can all agree that fragrance is one of the most important things we look for in a candle.  But should you look for a candle scented with fragrance oils, or essential oils?  What is the difference, anyway?

Fragrance oils are synthetic (not occurring naturally) and consist of several elements combined to mimic certain scents.  They are made in a laboratory.

Essential oils are natural, derived from plants.  They are made by nature.

Don’t be confused by candle fragrance oils that have the name of a plant.  For example there are lavender essential oils, and lavender-scented fragrance oils. There is a difference, so when in doubt, always check.  If essential oils are used, it should be clearly indicated somewhere on the candle label.

There is an infinite variety of fragrance oils, with new ones being added every day.  Some scents mimic those found in nature, and others are completely whimsical and imaginative.  “Moonlit Night” can smell like whatever the inventor wants it to smell like, and who can argue with it.  “Strawberry Kiwi”, on the other hand, should have some hint of both strawberries and kiwis.

If you’re an all-natural type person, you’ll want to try organic candles made with essential oils.  A candle made from one of the natural plant waxes, like soy, and scented with essential oils and containing no other additives, would be a truly natural, organic candle.

If you want candles for use in aromatherapy, then you definitely want a candle made with essential oils.  Essential oils have certain medical and healing properties that won’t be found in fragrance oils.

Both candle fragrance oils and essential oils are perfectly acceptable in candles.  It’s a matter of choice.

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