Other Candle Styles

There is a wide assortment of other candle styles.  Tea light, votive and tarts are the little candles.  Tea light candles come in round plastic or tin containers, so they’re like tiny container candles.  Votive candles are like tiny pillars.  Because tea light and votive candles are so small you need to use more of them if you want a lot of fragrance.  But lighting them all around a room can create a cozy, warm setting.

Tea light candles can be scented or unscented.  The unscented ones can be used either alone to create atmosphere, or as the heat source in tart warmers or burners.  I like my tea lights and tarts to be the same scent to double the fragrance with tart warmers.

Votive candles are good for effect also, but be sure to put them on a fireproof dish or holder because they will melt all over the place.  Yes, I speak from “melted candle wax all over my desk” experience.

Tarts are tiny wax shapes that are to be melted in tart warmers or burners.  They don’t have wicks so they aren’t meant to be lit.  They’re a good alternative when you want fragrance, but don’t want to burn a candle.  There are many electric tart warmers on the market so you can enjoy tarts completely without flame.

Floating candles are designed to float in water.  Floaters make lovely centerpieces if you float them in a punch bowl filled with colored water.  If you plan to use them at the dinner table, consider unscented ones.  Another idea is to float candles in the swimming pool for outdoor parties, as long as people aren’t swimming.

Tapers are the tall, skinny candles that you see in candelabra or individually in candlestick holders.  Consider unscented tapers if they are meant to grace your dining table.  Most people don’t want the fragrance of the candle competing with the aroma of the meal.

Although not technically candles, there are other fragrant items that I put in the category of other candle styles.  For example, there are scented wax ornaments and decorations that can be used as air fresheners.  You can hang them on Christmas trees, or hang them in the window and let the warmth of the sun release the fragrance.  These are also a nice choice for those areas where you want a little fragrance, but don’t want to burn a candle.

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