Pillar Candle

Pillar candles aren’t just round anymore!  They can be, of course.  But pillars can be square, oval, triangle, star-shaped.  They can be fat, skinny, tall, short.

Pillars are free-standing candles, which means they aren’t in containers.  Therefore they should be placed in a holder or on a heat-resistant plate when burning.  This is both for safety and to protect your furniture from dripping wax.

Styles are limitless from solid colored round to multi-colored chunk candles.

Pillars can be made from any type of wax, but are most commonly paraffin.  I’m seeing more soy pillars, and there are even certain types of gel that can be made into pillars.  Shapes aren’t just round anymore – look for pyramids, triangles, ovals, balls, stars, hexagons. .

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