Candle Wax Overview

I believe that the type of wax used is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for your perfect candle.  Here’s a brief candle wax overview to help you understand more about candle wax.

Most of the candle lovers that I talk to are becoming more educated about candles and they have some definite opinions about the kind of wax that they prefer. Other people don’t even know that candles are made from different types of wax.

The various candle waxes have different characteristics. What will work best for you depends on what you expect from your candles, for example when, where and how you burn them, or even whether you burn them. If you want a candle that’s pretty to look at, but you don’t plan to burn it, maybe a candle carved from paraffin wax would be perfect. If you like to burn candles, but are concerned about the environment, you might want to try one of the natural waxes.

I’ve worked with most of the waxes and I have my preferences but I’ll try to be objective.

Click on the links below for a brief description of some of the more popular candle waxes.

Paraffin Wax is still the most common type of wax used in candle-making.

Gel Wax is not really wax, but it does make beautiful candles.

Natural Waxes include soy wax, beeswax and other candle waxes.

Soy Wax is a natural wax that is growing in popularity.

Beeswax is the original natural wax, and it’s renewable.

Vegetable WaxPalm Wax and Bayberry Wax are a few lesser known natural candle waxes.

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