Natural Candle Waxes

If you’re concerned about the environment and the quality of the air that you breathe in your home, definitely consider candles made from one of the natural candle waxes.

Although any candle can burn cleanly under the right conditions, natural waxes definitely have some advantages over other waxes like paraffin or gel, when it comes to reduced smoke and soot.  You don’t have to work at it to get them to burn the way you want.  Plus they smell great!

Soy is becoming one of the most popular waxes for candles but it isn’t the only natural wax out there.  Some of your other choices are beeswax and bayberry wax.  Candles are also made from waxes derived from vegetable oil, palm oil and other natural botanical oils. You can also find candles made from a combination of natural wax, like soy wax blended with natural botanicals.

Benefits of candles made from natural candle waxes are long-lasting, clean burning, excellent fragrance, and as a bonus they’re good for the environment.

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