Other Natural Candle Waxes

There are other natural candle waxes besides soy and beeswax.

Bayberry wax comes from the fruit of the bayberry shrub, or wax-myrtle shrub.  This fragrant, greenish white wax makes an aromatic candle.  Bayberry wax is often mixed with beeswax, so make sure to read the label if you are looking for 100% bayberry candles.

Also be aware that just because a candle has a bayberry scent doesn’t mean it’s made from bayberry wax.  Bayberry fragrance can be added to any wax.

Palm Wax is another natural wax.  It is also clean burning and has a great scent throw.  Palm wax creates beautiful candles as it forms feathery, crystalline patterns in both jars and pillars.  Very, very lovely.

I use a vegetable oil wax to make natural pillars, votive and tea light candles.  I find it easier to work with than soy for this type of candle.  Even without additives it has a nice, even burn with very little smoke.

As you can see, there are a variety of other natural candle waxes from which your perfect candle can be made.  Take your pick and enjoy.

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